Why is he so mean?

Whether it's a boyfriend, a co-worker, or a stranger, knowing what motivates a perpetrator is an important step to maintain safety and well being.  In the Aware and Prepared workshop, you'll learn:

  • what makes narcissists so dangerous
  • how to disarm a bully
  • the different motivators behind rape-and how to protect yourself
  • emotional first-aid after an attack
  • how to ask for help when you need it
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Domestic Violence

Learn signs of dating/domestic violence and how to protect yourself:

  • tell-tale phrases and behaviors you can spot on the first date
  • verbal abuse
  • gaslighting and other types of emotional abuse
  • physical threats/abuse
  • stalking
  • sexual assault and rape
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Skills and Strategy

You'll learn the physical skills along with the principles behind them so that you can react to threats quickly and effectively.  Some of the skills covered:

  • choke defenses
  • hair and clothing grabs
  • "bear hug" grab
  • rape/sexual assault defenses
  • striking and other moves to fight off an attacker
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Why We Created Aware and Prepared

From classroom bullying to rape, women are well aware of the threats they could face; yet few are prepared to defend themselves in the event of an attack.

Aware and prepared closes the gap between knowing the psychology of the perpetrator and knowing how to respond effectively.


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Get Aware and Prepared and give women the mindset and methods for personal protection.