Developed by 4th degree black belt and Krav Maga expert Scott Higginbotham and Kelly Morrow Baez, PhD, Aware and Prepared, LLC offers a range of training options  for men and women to prevent and defend against all types of domestic violence and sexual assault.


Live Workshops

Bring an Aware and Prepared workshop to your business or school.

The Intimate Partner Violence and Assault Prevention Workshop combines the psychology of intimate partner violence with self-defense training. Participants will learn to identify characteristics of potentially abusive partners, empowering them to be proactive in their relationships.  Comprehensive and accessible training, personalized for any demographic.

Online Course

Our Online Orientation Course© is a self-paced introduction to the mindset and methods of personal protection. Includes requirements for Title VII and Title IX  and goes above and beyond to be a memorable and actionable training.

Let your students and staff know that you're serious about protecting them!

This course is perfect for new hires and student orientation!


Train the Trainer

Cost effective and convenient: In this 3-day program, we train your team to provide Aware and Prepared programming.  As an Aware and Prepared Affiliate, you can offer in-service training as often as necessary, or break training up by topic into convenient lunch-and-learn programs.


Next Steps...

If you'd like for your team to be Aware and Prepared, give us a call at 706-888-4319 or click to send us a message!